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How to Send an Attachment

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Zoko allows you to send files, videos, images to your customers with the attach file feature.

To send an attachment:

1. Open the chat to which you want to send an attachment.

Open the chat

2. Click on the Attachment icon at the bottom of the reply box.

Attachment icon

3. Select the file which you want to send.

Select the file

4. You can also select the multiple files by pressing CTRL/CMD key on the keyboard.

 multiple files

5. You can also type captions in the reply box with the attachment file and then hit the send icon.

 type captions and send

Remember that you cannot forward an attachment as WhatsApp API does not allow forwarding messages.

Read our article on WhatsApp API’s Maximum Media File Size Limit to know more about the allowed size for medias on WhatsApp API.

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