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How to Customize Abandoned Cart Playbook Flow

Understand how to customize the abandoned cart playbook in the workflow.

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You can customize the default Abandoned Cart playbook, if you want to make changes in the abandoned cart. The abandoned cart in the playbook is a set of predefined actions that are followed in a particular format. It is a series of automated notifications that are triggered when a customer adds products to their shopping cart but does not complete the purchase. The purpose of an abandoned cart is to try to recover the sale by reminding the customer about the items in their cart and encouraging them to complete the purchase.

You can follow these steps:

1. Go to the abandoned cart playbook and hover the mouse over the overview screen, click on Edit.

2. You can customize the flow card by clicking on any card in designer canvas or adding them from the toolbox and customizing them.

3. Once you are done customizing, click on Save to save the flow in drafts.

4. If you want to publish the flow, click on the Publish button to enable the abandoned cart flow.

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