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Channel ID - Difference Between PlatformSenderID and Phone

Understand the difference between PlatformSenderID and Phone field in the channel ID on FlowHippo.

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In a message workflow, the "PlatformSenderId" and "Phone" fields can be used to identify the sender of a message and then route the message to the appropriate destination. They can also be used to trigger actions or perform other tasks in the workflow.

Understand the difference between

Channel Id >> Trigger

- PlatformSenderID: The "PlatformSenderId" is specific to the message that triggers the flow, and it is usually a string of letters and numbers that is unique to each user on the platform. It is used by the Zoko dashboard to identify the sender of a message, and it is typically not visible to the recipient of the message.

- Phone: The "Phone" field, on the other hand, represents the sender's phone number. This is usually a regular phone number in the format "+1234567890". If the sender sends a message on WhatsApp (Zoko dashboard), the "Phone" field will be used to identify the sender.

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