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Why Does your Account Status Show Restricted?

Learn how to restore your health account status if it has been restricted by WhatsApp.

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Understanding why your account may show a restricted status and knowing how to address and prevent it is essential for maintaining effective communication with your customers. By adhering to WhatsApp’s policies, ensuring user consent, monitoring content, and Tier status, businesses can avoid restrictions and maintain a healthy account status. It's important to note that we have no control over the restricted phase as it is a WhatsApp policy.

During a Restricted Phase

  • Avoid sending broadcast campaigns until your account status returns to normal.
  • Avoid sending notifications to customers until the 24-hour window is reset.
  • You can still respond to any messages initiated by customers.

Preventing Future Restrictions

  1. Adherence to Policies: Always comply with WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines to avoid violations.
  2. User Consent: Ensure that all users have explicitly opted in to receive messages from your business.
  3. Content Monitoring: Regularly review the content being sent to ensure it is appropriate and prevent spam.
  4. Tier Status: Always check the tier status to ensure you are within your daily messaging limits.
  5. Opt-Out Links: Always add an opt-out link while creating template messages to prevent spam.
  6. Opt-Out Flow: Set up an opt-out flow to send automated reminders to users who have opted out from messages.

To check the Account Status:

1. Go to Apps.

2. Select Broadcasts.

3. You can see the Message Tier and Account Status here.

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