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How to Unarchive Contacts

Learn how to unarchive contacts on the Zoko dashboard.

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If you have previously archived a contact, you can unarchive them. When you unarchive a contact, it will be moved to the contacts box, and the unarchive tag will be automatically removed from the user's chat, after which you will be able to initiate a conversation and send a broadcast.

To do this:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Contacts on the left.

3. Click on Archived.

4. You can choose the contact and unarchive it by clicking on the three dots option and selecting Unarchive.

If you want to unarchive all or specific contacts

5. Choose the contacts by clicking on the tick box of the contacts which you want to unarchive.

6. Click on the Unarchive option in the footer.

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