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How to Add Funds to your Wallet

Learn how to add funds to your wallet.

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If your account has been blocked or has negative credits due to insufficient funds in your wallet, you can add funds and set up an auto top-up for your wallet. These funds will be used for subscription top up, conversation top up, and other top ups. Follow the procedures below:

1. Go to Settings.

settomgs panel

2. Click on Add Funds.

add funds to the wallet

3. Select the amount you want to add to your wallet and click on Charge card.

change card button

We would recommend you to turn on auto top-up. When your wallet balance falls below the limit, the wallet will be automatically recharged, instead of doing it manually.

4. Click on the toggle button to turn on the auto top- up.

how to auto top up

5. You have to specify the minimum and maximum amount. In our case, we have set the wallet balance to not fall below $10. We have set the wallet balance to "recharge automatically" by $2000 when the balance goes below $10. The wallet will be immediately recharged.

recharge automatically minimum and maximum amount

6. Click on Apply Changes.

apply changes for recharge

Note: If your payments fail, you can try it again. Refer to our article - How to retry payments.

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