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How to Approve a Request on your Facebook Business Manager

How to find the request on your Facebook business manager page.

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You would have received a request from WhatsApp. On approving this request only we will be able to enable the start button on your Facebook business manager page. Please make sure you have Admin access to the Facebook page, only then you will be able to see and approve the request.

To do this:

1. Go to the Facebook Business Manager Page.

2. You can select any one of the businesses you have in your business manager.

Note: This is visible only if you have multiple businesses under the same business manager.

Facebook Business Manager Page

3. Under Requests, you can Approve the request.

Approve the request

Note: Once you have approved the request, the start verification button will be enabled and you can submit the required documents for business verification. Refer to our article on Applying for Facebook verification.

Keywords: Facebook verification, Verification button, Approve request.

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