WhatsApp API Onboarding Process
WhatsApp API
Aug 4, 2022

WhatsApp API Onboarding Process

At Zoko, we make it easy for businesses to do Sales, Marketing and Customer Support on WhatsApp. We believe that most small and medium businesses can be run entirely on WhatsApp. The first step to using WhatsApp as an effective channel for business is to get set up your business number on the Official WhatsApp API.

Before you Start

1. You must be verified on Facebook

This can take anywhere between 2 to 8 working days.

“Facebook verification can take anywhere between 2 to 8 business days”
fb verification

2. You must have valid phone number that can be set up on WhatsApp business API


  • Landline and cell phone numbers are acceptable phone numbers to use.
  • We can use your existing whatsapp number, but you’d need to delete the WhatsApp account before we set it up again. 
  • Since a phone number is tied to a WhatsApp account, you must own this number.
  • This phone number must be able to receive voice calls or SMS in order to complete registration.
  • This phone number must also not have been used with the WhatsApp Business API before.

Once you meet the prerequisites, you can now apply for a WhatsApp Business API account.

The WhatsApp API Application Process

Apply for WhatsApp API Approval

Sign up on Zoko at https://www.zoko.io/sign-up and fill in 

  • The verified Facebook Business Manager ID
  • The phone number you want to set up on WhatsApp
  • Your WhatsApp profile information and logo

This information will then be sent for approval by WhatsApp.


There will be 2 verification steps during approval

  • Verification of Business Manager ownership: Your ownership of the given Business Manager ID will be verified via a system request for approval sent to your verified Business Manager Account. You would need to login to your Facebook Business Manager and click approve.
  • Verification of phone number ownership: Your ownership of the given phone number will also be verified via OTP.

If there are no follow up questions or comments from WhatsApp, this verification and approval process typically takes up to 3 to 5 business days. Once approved, we will email you the WhatsApp for business API key. You can now start using the API and all of Zoko’s Plan Features.

“In 3 to 5 days, you can be approved to use the API and all of Zoko’s Plan Features.”
phone number

The WhatsApp Verified Green Tick

You would need to be classified as a notable business account to get the Green Tick Mark. Contact us at contact@zoko.io to understand the requirements for notability. Once approved, there will be a green tick mark beside the display name in the contacts view. Your display name will be then visible in the chat list, chat screens, chat groups, and contacts view instead of the phone number. WhatsApp will evaluate that an authentic, notable brand owns this account before awarding the green tick mark. This process is expected to take up to 7 to 14 business days

“It is WhatsApp’s discretion to award the green tick mark..”
green tick

We look forward to helping you grow your business on WhatsApp.


Reach out to us as contact@zoko.io if you have any questions.

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