6 reasons why your business should start using the WhatsApp API.

6 reasons why your business should start using the WhatsApp API.

The WhatsApp API allows you to be present on the world’s most popular channel. Its inarguable that your business should be available and accessible for customers to contact them in a manner that fits the customer’s way of interactions.In this blog post, we will look at a 7 good reasons why being on the WhatsApp API can be beneficial for your business.

1. Send real-time alerts

WhatsApp Business API allows you to develop a messaging strategy that checks all the boxes. Zoko’s APIs offers messaging that’s fast and reliable on a platform used by everyone. Send real-time alerts with WhatsApp. Moreover, any questions of high priority that need answering can be addressed in a timely and direct manner, like you would answer a friends message

2. Deep customer insights.

WhatsApp Business messaging enables businesses to collect and analyze valuable consumer research. Its features allow businesses to identify preferences by asking customers direct questions, get a better understanding of the demand for products, variants and service via Surveys and also to give a personal touch to a business’s responses

The WhatsApp API allows you to reach a level of service that places a premium on the customer’s time.

3. Supercharge brand presence and credibility on WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp Business allows businesses to get more personal and authentic with messaging. WhatsApp can be used to send promotions personalized to the customer, updates. The branding options for verified accounts with a green tick, allows to set up your brand's official WhatsApp account per the company guidelines.

4. Faster Response Times

Did you know that 56% of customers prefer to engage with a company via chat? WhatsApp Business API allows you to do just that – deliver fast customer service via chat!. Once customers opt-in, businesses can contact them directly on their phone.

The enhanced “quick replies” feature of the WhatsApp Business API, enables businesses to save. reuse and quickly dispatch frequently sent messages to super charge the customer service process.

5. Cross the generation gap. Even your grandma loves WhatsApp!

The WhatsApp API  increases the likelihood of customers contacting and interacting with your brand, since you would be using their preferred channel. WhatsApp is mainly used by younger customer segments, but the fact that the app is so simple to use makes it super easy for everyone, no matter how old they are to use it.

Companies are competing  for customers’ time and businesses who don't have a presence on the world’s most popular channel, risk being relegated to the sidelines.The WhatsApp API gives customers an instant and interactive platform engage with companies in real-time. When used wisely, the WhatsApp API enables companies to execute a level of service that makes customer voices easily heard.

6. Communicate creatively

WhatsApp Is your business using stickers to communicate you brand message? No?

The WhatsApp API has allows creative communication via stickers, QR Codes, etc . A plethora of options that the WhatsApp API has, allow you to send fantastic content via messaging, from videos, photos, GIFs, PDFs, and voice recordings. The new WhatsApp QR codes are a prime example of creative communication. By adding a QR code on printed promotional materials, customers can quickly scan them to be directed to an immediate instant message exchange with you via the WhatsApp API platform.

In closing, WhatsApp Business API enables every business to introduce a powerful and wide-reaching communication platform can help connect with their customers, at a deeper more meaningful level. Consider using the WhatsApp API as part of your marketing stack to maintain a smooth customer service experience that delights the customer. For more insights on how to communicate with customers more effectively on various platforms, contact us on WhatsApp by scanning the QRCode above.

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