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Use Case: Triggering COD to Prepaid after COD Confirmation Flow Confirmation

Learn how to trigger COD to Prepaid after getting a confirmation from the COD Confirmation Flow

If you have enabled both COD to Prepaid flow and COD confirmation flow, and wish to trigger the COD to Prepaid flow only once your customer confirms the COD order through the COD confirmation flow, the you need to make the following changes:

1. Under Edit Flow, click on Trigger.

trigger button

2. Under Entry Condition 1, select Order Updated

entry confirmation

3. Click on Add trigger filter and then:
    - In Left Value enter: {{context.order.updated.tags_added}}

how to add new trigger

    - From the next dropdown select: Contains (case insensitive) (Text)

contains text box

    - In Right Value type: COD_STATUS:Confirmed

right value text box

Save your changes. If the flow is not yet Enabled, enable it from Drafts.

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