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Understanding the Structure of the COD Confirmation Flow.

COD confirmation flow diagram

As shown in the diagram above, the COD Confirmation is triggered once a customer places a COD order and is structured as follow:

(i) The first template message is sent to the customer after the defined delay time from the entry trigger. Note that, delay time delays the next step in the flow.

(ii) If the customer does not confirm/cancel their COD order, the second template message will be sent after the defined input time for the 1st message. This input time ensures that customer gets enough time to confirm or cancel their order. Remember, if the customer confirms/cancels the order at this stage, the exit condition would be met and hence the flow would be marked as complete.

(iii) If the customer still does not confirm/cancel their order, a third template message would be triggered. Post this the flow is marked as complete irrespective of the confirmation status.

(iv) Exit messages that are sent based on the response by your customer.

(v) A step to mark your COD orders as Confirmed or Cancelled on your Shopify store.

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