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Understanding the Structure of the COD to Prepaid Flow

COD to prepaid flow diagram

The COD Confirmation is triggered once a customer places a COD order and is structured as follows:

1.  A discount that is set by you either as fixed amount discount or a percentage discount

2.  3 template messages sent sequentially after the defined delay time asking the customer to pay in advance to make use of the discount set by you. If the customer pays,
- A tag named “Converted to Prepaid Order #XXXX” will be added to the original order on your Shopify store
- The original COD order will be cancelled automatically.
- A tag named “Converted from COD #Order XXXX” will be added to the new order on your Shopify store.

3.  Then we have a step to remove the discount coupon after a defined delay time so that the same coupon cannot be used again.

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