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Use Case: Replacing default template with a new template

Learn how to apply for a new template specifically for COD to Prepaid Flow and replace it with the existing flow

While creating a new template for specifically using in COD to Prepaid Flow, ensure that:

1. In Media Type, select Image. 

select Image

2. In Button Type, select CTA Buttons

select CTA Buttons

- Under Type of Action select: Dynamic Link
(The COD to Prepaid Flow mandatorily needs Type of Action to be Dynamic Link)
- Under Website URL mention: shop.zoko.io
(The COD to Prepaid Flow mandatorily needs this link to be shop.zoko.io. DO NOT add your company URL here)
- Button Text: Pay Online
(This can be kept based on what you want your users to see)

Once this template is approved, you will find this template in the available template list in the COD to Prepaid Flow in left.


1. Select the new template and click on Fill Template.

Fill Template

2. Fill in all the variables in your template.

3. Click on Advance Options and copy paste EXACTLY this text: {{node.callback_create_shopify_checkout_1.short_checkout_url_code}}

Advance Options

Once done, click on Save to save the changes. If your flow is not enabled, go to drafts and enable the flow from there.

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