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Customising the Review Flow

You can also customise various elements of this flow from the Edit Flow section:

1. You can modify the time delay before the next step by clicking on the clock icon here and setting a time of your choice. Since the trigger point for this flow is confirmation of order shipment, you need to take into account the time the order will take to be delivered to the customer.

modify the time delay

2. You can replace the initial message with any of your approved templates of the same message type. Once you select the template, you will have to fill the variables. (Refer to our article How to create a template to learn more about creating templates)

 replace the initial message

3. You can edit the headers, body text and row titles for each of the 5 rows in the message by clicking on it and modifying the text like this.

edit the headers

4. You can edit the input time just like the delay time by clicking on the Input Time element and setting a time of your choice.

edit the input time

5. Finally, you can also edit all the exit messages by simply clicking on it and editing the text like this.

edit all the exit messages

Once you are done editing the flow,

1. Click on Save as Draft to save the changes.

Save as Draft

2. Close the Flow editor from here.

Close the Flow editor

3. Go to drafts and click on the flow you just saved.


4. Click on Enable and your customised flow is enabled.


5. You can also rename the flow from here. This is especially helpful to differentiate between different versions of the same flow.

 rename the flow
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