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Customising the Reorder Flow

The last step in this flow is to customise the message that needs to go with this product. To do this, click on the message element like this. 

1. You can modify the time delay before the next step by clicking on the clock icon here and setting a time of your choice.

reorder flow modify delay time

2. You can change the image in the default template by clicking on Fill templates, removing the default image, and adding an image of your choice. A good idea would be to have the image of the product you are trying to sell again.

reorder flow change the image

3. You can replace the default message with any of your approved templates of the same message type. Once you select the template, you will have to fill in the variables. Refer to our articles How to create a template to learn more about creating templates.

replace the default message

The most important thing here is to ensure that the Buy Now button takes your user to the checkout page of the product you are repeat selling. To do this:

1. Click on Fill Template.

reorder flow Fill Template

2. Click on Advanced Options.

reorder flow advanced options

3. Paste the link to the checkout page of the item you are selling here.

paste link

To get this checkout page link from your Shopify store:

1. Log in to your Shopify account and Go to the Products on the left.

Go to the Products

2. Hover the cursor over the Product that you are selling, then Click on View icon. (This will re direct you to the product page on your website)

Click on View icon

3. Click on Buy Now

Click on Buy Now

This highlighted link is the one you should use to ensure your user is taken directly to the checkout page.

Once you are done editing the flow,

1. Click on Save Draft to save the changes. 

Click on Save Draft

2. Close the Flow editor from here

Close the Flow editor

3. Go to Drafts and click on the flow you just saved. 

Go to Drafts

4. Click on Enable and your customised flow is enabled. 

Click on Enable

5. You can also rename the flow from here. This is especially helpful to differentiate between different versions of the same flow.

rename the flow

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