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How to Set up Away Message Flow

Learn step by step to enable the away message flow.

An away message is shown to customers when they message you outside of business hours. You must set up your business hours first as the away message flow works based on the business hours.

To enable away flow:

1. Go to Flows on the top bar.

2. Click on New Workflow.

3. Select the Away Message flow.

4. Click on Edit Flow.

5. You can see the trigger point here.

6. You can set a time delay to trigger the away message from here.

7. Click on the Message bar to modify the Away message as per your requirement.

8. Click on Save & Close.

9. Next, go back to the overview and click on Enable Flow.

That’s it! The Away message has been enabled.

Read our article to know more about Setting up the business hours.

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