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Assigning Chat to an Agent or Team

Learn How to Assigning Chat from Queue

All unassigned chats will appear in the Queue. 

1. First, click on Queue on the top bar.

click on Queue

2. Next, click on the check box to select the chat you want to assign.

check box selection

3. Click on the assign button and select the agent you want to assign the chat to.

agent selection

4. Similarly, you can also assign a chat to a team and any agent added to this team can then respond.

assign a chat to a team

5. You can also select multiple chats by clicking on the shift or control key and then clicking on multiple chats.

multiple chats selection
Pressing shift and selecting chats will select all the chats between them, whereas.
control and selecting chats
Pressing control and selecting chats will select the specific chats that you click.

6. You can also select all chats like this and assign them to an agent/team in one shot.

select all chats

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