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Why Does your Account Status Show Restricted

Learn how to restore your account status if it has been restricted.

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Your account status shows as restricted when you have surpassed the daily messaging limit. You must first check your tier. If your total messages status exceeds the daily limit, your account status will be restricted automatically. We have no control over the restricted phase. It is a Whatsapp policy.

During a restricted phase, we recommend that you do not send any notifications to your customers until the 24-hour window is reset. You can still respond to any messages that customers initiate.

After the 24-hour timeframe, you can always check if the account status is reset.

To check the status:

1. Go to Apps.

apps dashboard

2. Select Broadcasts.

broadcasts page

3. You can see the message tier and account status here.

message tier and account status

Keywords: Account restricted, 24 hours window, Message tier.

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