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Updating WhatsApp Business Profile Picture

All you have to know when providing a Display Image

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When you submit an application with Zoko for your WhatsApp API, you should provide a correct Profile Picture to appear on your whatsapp display for whatsapp users. We recommend that you provide a profile picture for your company. Display image helps in building brand awareness among your customers.

When you upload your Profile Picture ensure that you use a JPG or PNG image at least 640x640 pixels in size.

aspect ratio
Profile Picture Sample of 640x640 pixels

Whenever a picture is uploaded, the API crops the profile photo to be a square with an edge of 640px. Pictures with a larger height or width may cause issues when the resizing happens. Hence, an image size of 640x640 pixels is recommended.

In case you submit an image with a transparent background, the background is automatically rendered as black.

You can also change the Profile Picture after the application has been submitted or the account has been activated. Simply contact us on contact@zoko.io or wa.me/917306017571 and provide the correct profile picture you'd want to change.

Updating WhatsApp Business Profile Picture

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