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How to Set up Opt-Out Flow

Learn how to enable opt-out flow.

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An Opt-Out option allows users to choose to not receive notifications from your Whatsapp API number. When users choose to opt-out, an opt-out tag will automatically be added in your customer’s profile in the dashboard. You will not be able to remove the tag after it has been added to the customer’s chat.  Hence, notifications will not be sent to those customers who have opted out.

To do this:

1. Go to Flows.

Go to Flows

2. Click on New Workflow.

Click on New Workflow

3. Select Opt Out Flow.

Select Opt Out Flow

4. Click on Edit Flow.

Click on Edit Flow

5. You can set the Entry Conditions in the Trigger Filter as Opt Out.

Entry Conditions

6. You can set the delay time by entering the value in Minutes, Hours or Days.

delay time

7. You can select a pre approved Opt-Out template and then click on Fill template. Refer to our article on How to Create Templates to know more about creating templates.

Note: You will have to fill the variables in the next page.

pre approved Opt-Out template

8. You can also change the messages that are sent, after the customers confirm to Opt Out. You can click on the message box and edit the message. Click on Save & Close, after you have edited the message.

change the messages

Once you are done editing the flow,

9. Click on Save as Draft to save the changes. 

Save as Draft to save the changes

10. Close the Flow editor.

Close the Flow editor

11. Go to Drafts and click on the flow that you just saved. 

Go to Drafts

12. Click on Enable Flow and your customised flow will be enabled.

Enable Flow

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How to Set up Opt-Out Flow

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