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How to use the Queue Screen

Learn all the tips and tricks of using the Queue Screen efficiently.

Chat icon

When customers message you, the Queue is where all your new chats will appear and all your agents and teams who would be responding to these chats are here.


You can now click and preview the chats to get a sense of what your customers are messaging about and then select one or more chats and use the assign button to assign the chat to the right agent or team.

preview the chats

After preview,  if you see that a chat doesn’t need a response, you can close chats directly with the Close button.

Close button

You can select multiple chats using SHIFT and CONTROL (or the command key on mac). Holding SHIFT and selecting 2 chats will select all chats between the 2 chats. Whereas holding CONTROL (or command key) and then selecting multiple chats will select only those chats that you clicked.

multiple chats

Alternatively, you can use the check box here to select all or unselect all chats.

unselect all chats

Once a chat is assigned to an agent or closed directly from the queue screen, it will no longer be visible in the Queue.

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How to use the Queue Screen

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