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How to set up the COD to Prepaid Flow

Learn how to set up the COD to Prepaid flow to encourage your customers to pre-pay for their COD orders

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Since 60% of COD orders get cancelled, it is smart to try and convert COD orders to Prepaid orders with our COD to Prepaid Flow. 

The article has been divided into 4 parts:

  1. Understanding the structure of the COD to Prepaid flow.
  2. Enabling the default version of the flow.
  3. Customising the flow to meet your needs.



The COD Confirmation is triggered once a customer places a COD order and is structured as follows:

1.  A discount that is set by you either as fixed amount discount or a percentage discount

2.  3 template messages sent sequentially after the defined delay time asking the customer to pay in advance to make use of the discount set by you. If the customer pays,
- A tag named “Converted to Prepaid Order #XXXX” will be added to the original order on your Shopify store
- The original COD order will be cancelled automatically.
- A tag named “Converted from COD #Order XXXX” will be added to the new order on your Shopify store.

3.  Then we have a step to remove the discount coupon after a defined delay time so that the same coupon cannot be used again.


To enable the default version of the COD to Prepaid flow: 

1.  Go to Flows on the top bar.

Go to Flows on the top bar

2.  Click on the New Workflow.

Click on the New Workflow

3.  Select the COD to Prepaid.

COD to Prepaid

4.  Click on Enable Flow.

Enable Flow

With this, the default version of the flow has been enabled. You can see the steps and message in this flow by going to Edit Flow on the top. To move around in the canvas, click and drag or zoom in and out. 


You can also customise various elements of this flow from the Edit Flow section: 

1.  You can modify the delay time before the next step by clicking on the delay time element, setting a time of your choice and then clicking on Save and Close.

customise various elements of this flow

2.  You can set the discount by clicking on this element, selecting either fixed amount or percentage from here and then defining the amount here. In our case, I am going to set it to a 10% percent discount. The Title and Description here are only for internal use and will not be shown to your customer. Only the discount amount and type will be used in the message. Click on Save and Close to save the changes.

You can set the discount

3.  You can change the image in the default template by clicking on the template, then clicking on Fill templates, removing the default image and adding an image of your choice. If needed you can also change the expiry time of the coupon from here. I am going to set it to 3 hours.

change the image in the default template

4.  You can also replace the complete template by selecting the default template like this and replacing it with one of your approved template of the same type. If you do not have any template to choose from here, create and submit a new template with a button and image and use it once approved. Refer to our article How to create a template to learn more about creating templates.

replace the complete template

5.  Finally you can also modify the time delay before which the coupon code is removed from the Shopify cart so that it cannot be used again. You can change the by clicking on the clock icon and setting a time of your choice like this. I have set this to 180 minutes as in a previous step I had set the expiry time to 3 hours.

modify the time

Once you are done editing the flow,

1.  Click on Save Draft to save the changes.

Save Draft to save the changes

2.  Close the Flow editor from here.

Flow editor

3.  Go to Drafts and click on the flow you just saved.

Go to Drafts

4.  Click on Enable and your customised flow is enabled.

Click on Enable

5.  You can also rename the flow from here. This is especially helpful to differentiate between different versions of the same flow.

rename the flow

How to set up the COD to Prepaid Flow

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