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Fair Use Policy

Understanding the Fair Use Policy

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Zoko does not provide unlimited messaging on any plan. The Monthly Unique Customer limit or MUC and the associated additional fees are subject to a fair use policy. 

MUC stands for Monthly Unique Customers. Any unique phone number that interacts with your official WhatsApp number in a calendar month is counted as an MUC. An MUC is counted only if there is at least one incoming message and one outgoing message to that number. Template messages are not counted in MUC calculations. 

The Fair Use Policy

The Monthly Unique Customers limit or the MUC limit per month is subject to a fair use policy of maximum 50 messages -incoming or outgoing, per customer per month. An additional user will be consumed from your MUC limit for that month for every additional 50 messages exchanged with one user.

For example:

- If you exchanged, 51 messages with the same number in a month - you will considered to have consumed 2 MUCs

- If you exchanged 105 messages with a same number in that month -  then 3 MUCs will be consumed

Fun fact - Our merchants who use Zoko have catered to 5 Million+ customers and 99% of our merchants have never exceeded the Fair Use Policy of 50 messages. 

Fair Use Policy

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