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Getting Started with Facebook Verification

Learn to create a Facebook business manager account and apply for a verified Facebook business manager page. Apt for businesses that are applying for a WhatsApp business API account with Zoko.

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Step 1: Create a Facebook business manager account - You’ll need to go to business.facebook.com > Create account.

If It’s already created, you’ll be able to access the page Business.facebook.com > Business Settings. The Facebook business manager ID is found under Business Info.

Step 2: Submit the details here: www.zoko.io/sign-up (including the Facebook business manager ID)

Once we submit the application.

Step 3: There will be a request from the WhatsApp Business Services Provider there. Click Approve

Click Approve

Step 4: Upload documents to verify your facebook business manager page.

This video will help you with the verification process in a step-by-step manner: Applying for Facebook Verification (zoko.io)

Getting Started with Facebook Verification

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