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How to Connect Your WooCommerce Store to Zoko

Learn how to connect your WooCommerce store to Zoko.

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One of the many benefits of using Zoko is the ability to connect your WooCommerce store to the dashboard. By connecting your store to Zoko, you can effortlessly share product catalogs and receive orders through WhatsApp. The integration allows you to send automated messages, such as order updates, shipping updates, confirmation updates, and more, to all your customers seamlessly. This helps to improve the overall customer experience and streamlines your communication with customers.

To fully connect your WooCommerce store with Zoko, you need to complete two steps:

Step 1 - Generate a consumer key and a consumer secret key from your WooCommerce store.

Step 2 - Enter the consumer key and consumer secret key in the Zoko dashboard to connect.

To do this:

1. Login to your WooCommerce store.

2. Go to WooCommerce on the left side menu and click on Settings.

3. Click on Advanced.

4. Click on Rest API.

5. Click on Add Key.

6. Add Description, select the Read/Write permission for the key from the dropdown.

7. Click on Generate API Key.

8. Copy the key and paste it on zoko dashboard.

Connect your WooCommerce store with Zoko by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings on Zoko.

2. Click on Integrations on the left.

3. Click on Connect on WooCommerce.

4. Enter the URL of your WooCommerce store. For example, if your store is named "Kaavs Store", the URL would be: "kaavsstore.com".

5. Add Consumer Key here.

6. Add Consumer Secret Key here.

7. Click on Connect.

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How to Connect Your WooCommerce Store to Zoko

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