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Adding Zoko Templates in Webengage

Learn how to add Zoko templates in Webengage

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Webengage does not have the option to automatically pull your templates from any WhatsApp provider hence you will have to add the templates you wish to use one-by-one, manually.

Once you have integrated Zoko with Webengage, do the following to add your templates: 

1. Click on Add WhatsApp Template

Add WhatsApp Template

2. From WhatsApp Provider dropdown, select Zoko (Private)

WhatsApp Provider dropdown

3. Select the WhatsApp Template Type, exactly how it is in Zoko.

WhatsApp Template Type

4. Next, copy paste the template ID from Zoko and paste it under Template Name. Make sure this exactly matches the template id you mentioned in Zoko.

copy paste the template ID

5. In the Template Text box, copy paste the template body text from Zoko. Make sure you exactly copy paste the whole content from the template body in Zoko.

template body text

6. Next, mention the Template Language as in Zoko.

Template Language

7. If your template has a button, enable the button toggle. If there are no buttons, keep this disabled.

no buttons

8. Mention the button type and text exactly as in Zoko.

button type

If your template has more buttons, click on Add Another Button, and repeat step 7 and 8.

9. Lastly click on Add Template.

Add Template

With this you have added your first template. Similarly, you can add all the other templates that you wish to use in Webengage and run campaigns from Webengage just the way you run campaigns on other channels.

Note: Please make sure the template details you fill from step 3 to step 8 exactly matches the data in Zoko in Apps > Templates. We recommend you to copy paste all details from Zoko to Webengage to ensure the data matches completely.

Adding Zoko Templates in Webengage

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